Will Jasprit Bumrah Be as Equally Lethal after Injury? What is Your Bet?

Before getting injured, Jasprit Bumrah was on top his game. It is not a compliment to him but, a testament to his overall growth. When in form, which is a constant of his short career thus far, few batsmen have played him with confidence. So, when he went out with a minor stress fracture, every top order batsman around the world breathed a sigh of relief. However, the action will pick up when he makes a return to the international arena.

It is not out of place for pace bowlers to get fractures. As a result, Bumrah knows what he is up against and what he has to do during rehab. Furthermore, being the nation’s best bowler makes his fitness a priority for the BCCI. It is still under speculation whether he needs to undergo surgery at all or not. Even then, the cricket board will make sure that Bumrah receives all the amenities needed for a steady comeback. Cricket betting is enormously popular because there is almost always a match or tournament to bet on.

The part which gets everyone anxious is his effectiveness. Many pace bowlers across the globe have never been the same after a critical injury. If we talk about examples, Bangladesh’s Mustafizur Rahman is a prime one. Before he was injured, there was no chance for even the top batsmen to play him with authority. However, injury struck at a time that neither Mustafizur, nor the BCB could anticipate. When he did make a comeback, he was a completely different bowler. Now, Mustafiz does not rattle batsmen with his trademark cutters, it is easier to understand what he will bowl. The process is similar to defanging a lethal snake.

One simply cannot rule out these possibilities. Still, Jasprit Bumrah has proven time and again that he is ahead of the curve. From his first delivery in the IPL to Chris Gayle to his performance in the ICC CWC 2019, things have improved. The improvement is quite evident when it comes to the finishing overs. While his senior in the team, MS Dhoni is known as the finisher in target chasing, Bumrah is closing in too. Jasprit, as he so often does, changes the tide of the game during the final overs. No matter how much form the opposition’s batsmen possess, they can hardly hit Bumrah for a six.

Basically, those overs reveal just how smart Bumrah is as a cricketer and person. He has worked long and hard to get to the position of India’s finest. The journey involves competing against his peers like, Bhuvaneshwar and Shami. Both of these cricketers had proved before that they are reliable. However, Bumrah took the term “reliable” to a newer height through his body of work. He has made death bowling seem like a walk in the park and batsmen- mere children. Of course, his dedication is what got him to this position in the first place.

To conclude, if Bumrah’s past record is anything to go by, he will not give up easily. Every moment while he rests, he will try to stay just as lethal as before. Cricket is second most popular sport in the world for online cricket betting. This is especially the case during big T20 tournaments, like the IPL, and T20 Blast.

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