Why Watch Football Live Streams Religiously

If you’re like us, you’re so hooked on football that you can’t wait for your favourite league and team to be on TV – and you also watch football any chance you get. Well, this is actually a very good idea as it improves your chances to profit on football betting. Let’s see how.

On this page https://oklade.net/prijenosi-uzivo/nogomet/ you can see a list of live streams of football today (don’t mind the foreign language, scroll to see the table with matches) – and there’s a lot of them. This is the best table we’ve found with the live streaming schedule.

Now what would you get if you’d watch most of these matches? Is there a way to make a living off of that?

There sure is.

How to Watch a Football Game Properly

Most casual viewers only look at their own team. And not the entire team, but the player who has the ball. If the opponent has the ball, you’re looking at your closest player to him.

This is a bad way to watch football as you only ever see one or two players closest to the ball, and you might even start thinking football is a game of feints, one-on-one dribbles and anything else that actually belongs on the Playstation.

Football is a game of space. If you look at the football field, it’s populated by 22 players, and positioning is key to success in the game. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t score, because the defense is so organized.

It’s really difficult to tell if a team is close to scoring or not (it’s not easy to score!) as some teams shoot a lot from distance while others wait for the perfect opportunity inside the box, and some counter attack and only need one to score that crucial goal. But this is a skill you need to refine. Try to see if you can guess which team will score next!

How to Profit from Watching Football

While it’s true that the momentum shifts during the game as teams go back and forth to establish field domination, if you have a keen eye you can foresee what will happen in the match.

Live betting odds are compiled automatically based on the starting odds, match time and, of course, result. If you are watching the game you might just have noticed things have heated up and teams have started to really have a go at one another. Then you might make a bet on over 2.5 goals. If it’s the 30th minute already and the score is still 0-0, you’ll get very good odds.

It won’t be successful every time. Sometimes the game will just turn on you, sometimes there will be a red card or a penalty kick, so there’s no universal recipe on how to make money. But, the moral of the story is, if you watch enough football and if you watch it properly, you might (might!) begin to accurately detect the present situation and make your conclusions and assumptions about what will happen next.

The Key

Finally, the key part is something that was briefly mentioned above with the over 2.5 goals live bet. If you have made an assumption on what will happen next, and are willing to bet on it, the bet has to have better odds than you expect.

That’s how you make money. By betting on odds that are, according to your opinion, too good. For example, if you saw the game speed up and you think realistic odds for over 2.5 goals are 1.70, then you won’t place a bet if it’s 1.65. You will, however, most definitely place a bet if you see a price of 1.95.

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