Why Daily Bonuses are the Most Important Feature in Modern Gaming

It is no surprise that the most popular games around the world (both PC and mobile) are the ones that are free to download/play. However, most of these games experience a sudden boom in the first few months of release. After that, retention challenges cause these games to dwindle in popularity. The only way free games can generate revenue is by ads. And for that revenue model, regular players are essential.

The Customer Loyalty Approach

How can games retain players? The customer loyalty approach works wonders. This approach involves –

  • Building a customer base.
  • Rewarding the regular players for their loyalty. For instance, get free points if you log into the game every day.
  • Using their loyalty to increase the number of daily clicks and logins.

Bear in mind, hundreds of gaming companies are in continuous war. All of them are trying to outdo themselves in terms of offering bigger and better daily bonuses.

Increased Play Time

Top gaming sites such as onlinecasinobonuses.jp benefit a lot from giving their players reasons to stick around. These daily rewards not only increase average playtime on the platforms but they also –

  • Increase the chances of repeat purchases
  • Rewards for referring the game to other players increase customer base
  • Incentivizing shares or reviews gives games a better social status.

Creating the Perfect Daily Bonus Model

Creating the perfect casino bonus can be difficult for developers as there are qualitative factors such as user behavior at play. Still, there are some key qualities that all the daily bonus models in top games share –

  • Time interval – How often do you want your gamers to access the bonus? Ideally, the game should offer daily, monthly, weekly, and even yearly bonuses.
  • Participation – To what degree does a gamer have to participate to earn rewards? You don’t want in-game tasks to be too easy!
  • Random gifts – Games that surprise their players receive positive attention. Players are more likely to talk about in-game surprises than rewards they expect to receive. So, games must invest in these surprise perks.

Blending E-commerce with Games 

Gamifying e-commerce makes sense for both gamers and companies. Who wouldn’t want a discount on their groceries for completing a level? Such daily reward programs are still quite rare. However, as online platforms get more and more connected, in the future, we can expect exciting e-commerce gifts on our favorite gaming platforms.

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