Ways to Quickly Find an NFL & Football App That Provides Latest News, Live Streams & More

NFL Football is America’s most popular sport, so staying informed on the latest NFL news is not only fun and interesting, it can help you in social gatherings as well. I’ve been on the search for great NFL news apps for a while, and my research led me to a really helpful website that gave me 10 informative and convenient apps all in one place.

Best 10 NFL Football Apps

Three of these apps in particular were very helpful.

  1. Yahoo Sports: it includes NFL live stream and NFL news.
  2. Football Live: contains super user-friendly while also providing NFL live stream and roster updates.
  3. NFL Network: This lets you know when your favorite teams will be on TV and send program alerts/updates.

Never miss a highlight

If you’re an NFL fan who’s busy on Sundays, Monday nights, or Thursday nights, you may have trouble keeping up with the score. You might not have time to keep your eyes glued to the screen, but you definitely have time to check a notification on your phone when your favorite team scores or when something exciting happens in a game you’re interested in.

If you rely on YouTube for highlights of your favorite teams and players, it can be difficult to search through all the different games, plays, and highlights to find what you’re interested in. NFL mobile apps can narrow down your search as you customize your notifications and the NFL live stream videos and NFL news that you’d like to receive notifications about. You can even record live streams or save highlights in an archive.

Mobile apps with the ability to archive game events, summaries, and highlights will be very helpful if you want to look back at what happened in games that you may have been too busy to keep up with. It’s a great way to go back and see how a particular team has done if you haven’t been keeping up with them.

Look Back on the Year’s Most Exciting Games

When you’re busy, it can be difficult to catch every NFL game, especially during playoff time when you want to watch the most.  Playoff games are the most exciting and the most talked about games, so keeping up with them, or being able to go back and watch them, is an exciting feature of these mobile apps.

Many teams go years without a playoff appearance, let alone a Super Bowl victory, so if your team makes it to the championship you do not want to miss it. Mobile apps will allow you to keep up with the big games they play and look back on their most exciting victories. Imagine being able to watch your favorite team win the Super Bowl over and over again on your phone as the mobile apps archive all of the highlights, interviews, and celebrations for your reminiscing pleasure.

Keeping up with every playoff game is an entertaining feature of these mobile apps that can even help you around the water cooler at work. Stay up with the office football talk even if you can’t watch the games live as these mobile apps will send you notifications of big plays, highlights, and controversy.

Personalize your Mobile App Experience

Most football fans may not want to keep up with every team or search through NFL news from around the league. But you can customize these mobile apps to notify you of specific kinds of NFL news, whether it’s your favorite teams, favorite players, or favorite kinds of stories.

If you like receiving notifications on scores and info from around the league or from your favorite players and teams, there are even email features on many of these apps that will come up in your inbox. So checking your email at work just got a lot more exciting. Instead of getting a lot of stories and notifications about different teams and players you aren’t interested in, you can focus specifically on your favorites. That way, you know when you get an email from your NFL app, it’ll be worth the click.

Search through the best NFL apps to find the most personalization options. When you’re traveling, this feature can help you keep up with your team at times when you normally wouldn’t look at your phone. If big news happens, you’ll be ahead of the curve on every NFL news story you’re interested in.


Finding the best NFL apps for you just got a lot easier, and becoming the fan that you’ve always wanted to be just became possible! Search through some fantastic options for a game-changing NFL app.

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