Top 3 Biggest Football Club in Vienna, Austria

There is no doubt that football is the most popular game in Austria. The ÖFB or the Austrian Football Association was founded in the year 1904. It has been a prestigious member of FIFA since the year 1904. Although the craze of football is pretty higher in Austria except for the early 1930s the national team has not been very successful in the tournaments.

Vienna has some of Austria’s oldest and the best football clubs like the First Vienna FC, Rapid Wien, and Austria Wien. There have been some greatest rivalries in the football teams over the years. But in recent times the outside football giants have been threatening the prestige of these clubs. But the local clubs look astonishing and will surely give some tremendous performances. Let’s take a deep look at the details of every club.

First Vienna FC:

It is the oldest of these Viennese football clubs. But in recent times it has not been able to deliver great performances. This club is based in the Doubling district of Vienna. In the year 1894, this club got established. In the same year, this club plays its first-ever match in the stadium named Hohe Worte Ground.

After a spell in the lower leagues, this club plays in the second division of Austria. It has won the Austrian championship six times.

Rapid Wien:

Rapid Vienna or rather Sportklub Rapid Wien plays football in the capital city Vienna. From winning the first-ever Austrian championship, it goes on to win it for thirty-two times, which is not a matter of joke at all. During the Nazi rule in 1941, it also won a German Championship. It has the largest fan popularity in the whole of Austria. This club has given some of the most popular and memorable football performances in the history of it.

Austria Wien:

It is also a giant football team which plays in the capital city of Vienna. This club has won the greatest number of national titles compared to the others. Austria Wien is standing tall with twenty-four Austrian Bundesliga, twenty-seven Austrian cups and six Austrian super cups. It won’t be too much if you say that this is the most successful team in every tournament. It also reached the UEFA cup final in the year 1978 and the European Cup in the following season.

So, these were the brief of the top 3 biggest football club in Austria. Keep visiting for more updates.

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