Four Helpful Tips to Get Started with Esports Sponsorships

Esports is the fastest-growing spectator sport in the country. And its audience is young, digitally-savvy consisting of more than 400 million individuals. But, a lot of businesses still see the Esports industry as a mystery. That is why many brands are still reluctant to try their hand at sponsorship. But, it is an opportunity that should not be missed. Here are some concrete tips to help those who want to be involved in Esports sponsorship win over the discerning target group:

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Before you jump into the Esports bandwagon, know what you want to achieve as a brand first. Also, ask yourself if there is a brand that fits the Esports community. Can your product attract the target group? Is it possible to sensibly activate a partnership? Why are brands building eSports websites? Your answers to these questions will help you decide your first strategy.

Esports is a collective term that includes competitive, professional gaming in an organized format where various players and teams compete for prize money or title. Esports structures are not yet fixed as in other sports, making the industry kid of confusing. However, there is a lot going on there.

Esports offers a lot of opportunities for companies. Organizations can actively shape the market, acquire their own field and invest in terms and leagues. Many companies start as a sponsor. Whether through the game makers, teams and players, tournament organizers, or media platforms and influencers, Esports offers a lot of ways to present brands.

Pick the Right Partners and Platforms

As you get involved with Esports, you need to have partners who have knowledge of this area and can support you in your decision. Advertising through traditional channels may not be effective to reach Esports fans. That is why you must use platforms like social media to get in touch with the target group. You will need a partner who can produce relevant content for you and get whatever your company needs to get started.

Consider what Added Value your Product or Company can Offer the Target Group

Esports fans and communities created the Esports world. They have been used to get a lot of things for free and without advertising. As the industry continues to gain popularity in this target group, more advertising companies are breaking into the market.

Esports fans are open-minded and tend to show loyalty to brands that respectfully communicate with them. If you want to attract this target group, do more than just putting your brand logo on the shirts of players. Consider the added value that your organization can offer the target group. Provide the fans something unique like exciting content and insights from their favorite team.

Be Honest and Brave

Do not play the expert and embarrassing yourself with an inappropriate fan approach. If your brand does not have to do with Esports before, just be  open about it and react to your target group’s feedback. Consider where the expertise of your company lies and what it can for the Esports Community. Also, as the number of companies that have recognized the potential of Esports is growing, you must act right away and get started.

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