Esports Betting Is Growing Rapidly In Philippines

There has indeed been no better time to be an esports fan in the Philippines but now, with the rapid growth and ongoing expansion of the local esports industry. This expansion was inspired by the success of the ESL One Manilla and the Manilla Major for Dota 2 hosted in 2016. Esports is now getting the required attention from the Philippine’s Government. The South East Asian country has now entered into the global stage of competitive and professional esports gaming and betting.

Some of the most popular esports games in the Philippines include Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft 2. These esports are available for pro gamers, live-streamers and esports lovers. So if you live in the Philippines then you have numerous opportunities to place your bets on your favorite teams, players and games, including top esports tournaments held around the world. You should also check out eBetFinder to help you stay on top of your game.

How Popular Is Esports In The Philippines?

According to statistics gotten from NewZoo, about 1.5 million esports fans were recorded to be living in the Philippines in 2017. In fact, the whole of the South East Asia region is now regarded as the fastest growing esports audience in the world. The Philippines account for 1% (about $320,000) of the $32 million revenue generated from major esports tournaments held in 2016. About 2% of the pro gaming esports tournaments (with prize pools over $5000) held in 2016 were hosted in South East Asia and the Philippines. The whole of South East Asia, including the Philippines is also responsible for 6% of the $93.3 million in major tournament prize money given to esport winners in 2016.

In terms of game revenue, the Philippines is ranked No. 29 globally. According to NewZoo, over 30 million Filipinos spent $360 million on games in 2017. 36% of them play on mobile platforms, laptops and game consoles, but mobile platform seems to be the dominant force with females having up to 48% in that area.

The ESL One Manilla and the Manilla Major for Dota 2 hosted in 2016 in the Philippines were major contributors to the rapid rise of esports popularity in the country. It is only logical to state that the popularity of esports in the Philippines will not wane but continue to grow.

Payment Options Available To Filipino Esports Bettors

Payment options available to esports bettors in the Philippine are numerous. These payment options include e-wallets like Neteller, Astropay and PayPal; Credit and Debit Card services; Cryptocurrencies like ethereum and bitcoins; direct bank transfers; and Filipino specific options like Union Pay and MoneyGram.

Bettors from the Philippines can easily withdraw and deposit funds into their favorite esports betting sites via the same steps as other countries. Sign up at an esports betting site, link your payment account with your betting account, verify your personal details and log in to your account to place your first bets. You can then enjoy the fun and profits that esports betting has got to offer.

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