5 Fun Ways to Get Active More Often

Most people feel that they don’t get enough exercise, but there are often reasons for this. It may be that they don’t have the time, or exercise may not appeal to them and they may find it dull. That’s why it’s important to find fun exercises you can do in your spare time, and ones where you won’t want to miss a session. Here are some fun ways you can get active more often.

  1. Hit the golf course

Golf is a good way to get active, without feeling like you’re getting a workout, and it’s perfect for those who need to get some gentle exercise. Taking golf lessons Bangkok means you’ll get fresh air, get in lots of steps and will get a couple of hours of decent cardio exercise.

  1. Track your steps

Buy a cheap fitness tracker and keep track of your steps. You can then link this to your phone and aim to take more and more steps each day. Some apps even let you add friends and family members and compete against each other, seeing who can take the most steps. This makes walking more fun and means you’re more likely to do it every day.

You can get more steps in by:

  • Getting off the bus a stop early and walking
  • Taking a walk in your lunch hour
  • Going for family walks at weekends
  • Having a walk after dinner
  • Taking the kids to the park more often

Walking is one of the simplest exercises you can do yet doing 10k steps a day has shown to have great health benefits.

  1. Go dancing

When you dance, you focus on your movements and remembering the steps, so you don’t notice that you’re actually getting in some great exercise. There are lots of styles to try, whether you want to Zumba or try tap on your own or take your partner for ballroom dancing. It’s a great way to socialize and you’ll feel great after a session.

  1. Get a dog

One way to get yourself out and about more often is to get a dog. A dog will need to be walked every day, and bigger dogs need a brisk pace, so you’ll have to keep up with them. This can encourage you to enjoy the outdoors near your home. You may even meet fellow dog owners and meet new people.

  1. Join a social exercise group

Many areas have groups where you can meet others who want to get active. Whether it’s hikers, runners or cyclists, if you commit to going out with others, you are less likely to back out or decide to give it a miss if it’s raining or cold. You also get to socialize and might even have a pub visit at the end of the trail.

Getting more active doesn’t have to mean boring long trips to the gym. You can have fun while you get more movement day to day, make more friends and perhaps even find something new that you really enjoy.


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